Jan 9, 2012

Fat, Diet, Belly Fat, Starch Fast

There's nothing like starting the New Year.  Sure, there are the resolutions that include fiscal  and social responsibilities, business ambitions, and general wellness.  Identifying your personal and professional commitments are invigorating and certainly individual.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Why is it every year we are bombarded with belly fat pictorials, starch fast emails, radio blasts to buy "the cookie diet". I cannot remember a January where there has been more emphasis on what NOT to eat rather than what benefits come from moving.  Yes, just simply moving. 

Question for you.  Now think about this one and be honest with yourself.  Do you really want to eat meat, nuts, and eggs for a week? 
Do you want to drink whey protein shakes instead of a big glass of Bordeaux?  Your answer is personal along with your commitment but don't start with something that is doomed to fail.  As the old saying goes, "Everything in Moderation", does work. 

If you haven't read the book, "French Women Don't Get Fat", I would encourage you to do so.  The author speaks of the wonders of enjoying food, wine, and life with all five (5) senses, and eating for pleasure.  Now, I am not suggesting that everyone stop what they are doing if you have outsourced your life to a personal trainer, a personal chef, or an e-diet on line.  What I am suggesting is this:

  • Eat fresh whole foods and savor the aroma, the texture, the natural flavors
  • Eat a portion that is reasonable. While you are making smart choices it's still NOT OK to eat a vegetable the size of your head.
  • Eat what's in season and be open to trying new fruits, vegetables, and even fresh game (venison, buffalo, etc.)
  • Get out of the office, get away from your computer, and MOVE.  You don't have to start with an hour of running and cardiac arrest.  Just move.  Walk, lift small weights, and stand more than you park.
  • Bottom line- we shouldn't take in from Halloween to New Years and pay to play. 

Enjoy a fresh start to the New Year.  Go now to your fresh market and buy a piece of fish, pick up a dark leafy treat, splurge on spices, and don't forget that bottle of wine. 

Enjoy 2012, in moderation, take it all in slowly, and be kind to yourself, and breathe!


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