Feb 8, 2013

Recipes and Precious Things

If like me, you have cookbooks scattered about, recipes saved to personal files on your computer, and pages carefully torn from magazines..  Yes, recipes have changed over the years.  From Crisco and Peanut Oil to extra extra extra Virgin Olive Oil, we strive to modify and improve.

For purists, it's absolutely criminal to substitute original recipes with low fat condensed milk, non fat cream cheese, and fat free whip cream.  Why substitute Mom's and Grandmother's recipes that called for the whole ingredients?

We now have anything and everything readily available at our fingertips.  And, while technology makes almost any recipe readily available with a few clicks or a few tweets, there's nothing like the personal recipes I have collected over the years from loved ones. I have handwritten recipes on notepads, note cards, grocery receipts, and even one on a Rx Pad (Anaprox, Naproxen Sodium) for Braised Kikko Chicken.  I don't recognize the hand writing.

There is one that is my favorite.  It is handwritten and it is on a 3"x5" piece of paper, and it is from my Mom.  It reads as follows:
Peach Cobbler
Melt 1 stick Butter (oleo) in 2qt bowl
Mix 1 cup S.R. Flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup milk
Pour over butter -
Cut 2 peaches and "dump" in middle-
Bake 350' 30"
And it is dated 8-20-1996 (which is her birthday)

The piece of paper has brown stains on it and, on the reverse side,  there are a few unrelated doodles and "Rooms" and 450+600 = $1,050.  I can't remember what Mom was calculating or planning in 1996 that cost $1050 but it obviously had to do with travel. Note to self to rewind.

There is another recipe I found that is a black & white photocopy of page 248 in Southern Living.  Mom jotted notes all over the page, "I found it" 9/28/1982  xxooo - Momma.

My favorites are all hand written, they include doodles, stains, dates, and love from Mom.  They represent  a diary of precious thoughts and celebrations.  And while the ingredients may have changed over the years, nothing will ever replace these treasures.  I keep them in various files, and boxes for safe keeping.

Share a recipe with a loved one today.  Don't email it, tweet it, or place in the cloud for retrieval.  Take the time to personalize with pen and paper.  Add your thoughts, doodle it, sign and date it!


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