Feb 28, 2012

5 Winter to Spring Wardrobe Transitions

I can't remember a winter that has been as strange as our 2011-2012 season.  In the United States, we have had very little snow, few cold fronts that lasted longer than a week, and record breaking high temperatures in the 70s in February.

If you are thinking of breaking out that little sun dress, tossing the boots, and adding some color......not so fast. You don't have to revamp your closet just yet.

From March until Memorial Day, inventory your closet by color, fabric, texture, and classics.  I like to stick with grays, whites (shirts), blacks, and navy.  Other year around colors for the basics (slacks, jeans, shirts, Ts, dresses, jackets) include various shades of brown, indigo, and greens.

1)  Layer - Now I know what you're thinking.  Master of the obvious, but try to slowly add cotton and stray from the cashmere if it is 60 degrees or above.  Layer a T, cotton sweater, and jacket, you may shed the items without prickly heat.  No, it's not a glow. It is sweat.  If the temp drops below 50 degrees, a short sleeve cashmere wrap is a wonderful addition.

2) Subtle color - T-shirts and cammies are the best way to begin to add that color.  I'm certainly not suggesting fuchsia no matter how much your mother told you it works with your skin tone.  No, just a bit of navy/white/lighter shades of blue and possibly green.  Other places color works accessories.

3)  Seasonal transition doesn't mean boots with shorts unless, of course, you live in LA and you are a rock star.  Very few can sport the Uggs with Daisy Dukes.  It's not OK to look confused.  And, I think we have over abused the skull bone wool caps  on a cold morning or evening ....even if they are bejeweled.

Shabby Apple   4)  Legs and Shoes - Now this one is a bit tough depending on what part of the world you live.  If you are in South Beach, Manhattan Beach, or Beaver Creek, Colorado, skip to number 5 on my list and ignore this tip.  Others, let's begin to lose the opaques, boots, shearling, and work our way to sexy heels (sans hosiery) or super classic brogans.  Socks optional.

5) Classics before Memorial Day whites- Stripe cotton shirt, trench coat (Khaki of course), jeans, and a scarf with "some" color.

Slow, classic, chic is the best approach.  If you think what you're wearing is a risk, it probably is.  Transition from winter to spring fashion does include things currently in your wardrobe.

Please, no white shoes until June and then, proceed with caution.  

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