Jul 27, 2012

Traveling with Friends, Family, or Going it Alone

I love to Travel. Travel itself means so many things to so many of us. Whether you're taking an exhilarating and physically demanding trip skiing the Alps or simply sipping margaritas on a white pristine beach, how do you decide where, when, and with whom to go?

For five years or so, I have taken a "girls trip" with my best friend. It's just the two of us, and we travel well together except for two exceptions....the planning and the arrival. The planning irritates her, and the arrival makes her nail-biting nervous. Not sure why we can't agree on asking for a flight upgrade, changing rooms if there's one better. And, I always tell her, "you would be surprised what you can get by simply asking." Once we land, check-in, it's all fun from here. Those really are my only two demands, and now she knows I need to do "my thing." There are other exceptions that include trip planning.

Planning for me is part of the excitement. I figure if I am going to be excited about a destination, then I want to know everything I can about it so that I don't miss a thing. No, I don't over schedule, book 15 excursions in three days, but I do love to know all options to guarantee a "local" experience. My friend, on the other hand, is more of a "let's go and live life as it happens" kind of traveler. It's not that she takes my research for granted. She doesn't understand it. Recently, I asked myself, do I love to travel? Or do I love to research and plan? The answer is YES!

We (OK, I) am planning our trip to Paris. Little does she know. I have booked three hotels and canceled two, read 1000+ reviews on Trip Advisor (love this site), and considered Luxury Link as I have many times in the past. With all the choices, a decision has been made to take in all the history and comfort of a small luxury hotel on the Left Bank that attracts writers, rock stars, and me!

However, it's not about one trip. For me, there are cities, beaches, and destinations that just don't include travel companions based on my activities, type of travel style, or availability. You may know these as somewhere you have been, wish to return, but no one appreciates but you. Alternatively, you may have postponed trips because your wife, husband, sister, friend, or sponsor wouldn't or couldn't go with you. So, what's keeping you from going solo?

For me, it was tough finding travel companions to accompany me to a Ranch in Wyoming. In my circle of friends, I couldn't come up with one that wouldn't be bored after the first two days making this a very long week. So, after my 100 hours of research, and with the help of Gene Kilgore's reviews, I arrived in Shell, Wyoming for one of the best experiences of my life. That's me in the picture driving 700+ head of cattle for a local neighbor rancher and this is how they do things out there. I've returned twice. The third time visiting, I booked the exact trip, stayed at the Ranch, and rode the same horses. The difference was surrendering to a travel site and using their on-line auction and spending 50% less than what I had my previous trips. If you are interested Shop LuxuryLink.com

Yes, I still love to travel with my best friend and continue to read everything I can get my hands on relating to St Germain and Paris in May; however, I'm also looking forward to a solo trip to Chicago in August. I lived in this great city some time ago and know it well. With that, I tried my luck again with an on-line auction site and finally won a trip to a hotel I have avoided only due to price. I secured with savings of 65% during summer events. I'll go back and visit my doormen, walk the same path I did with my dogs, and visit my old neighborhood Sunday Brunch spot.

And, whether you are taking a family vacation, a girls trip, a men's golf outing, or solo adventure, have fun and rethink how you travel.


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