Jan 29, 2013

Super Food

Can you feel the excitement brewing?  Or, perhaps simmering.  I won't suggest healthy alternatives to the upcoming festivities.  After all, it's Super Bowl Sunday, Funday, and Food-Day.  Let's all celebrate and enjoy. But...... have you ever wondered why we celebrate this event by gorging?

On this day, Americans consume the second largest amount of food second only to Thanksgiving. Not officially recognized as a holiday, we treat it with all of the respect of one. We plan, we prepare, we eat, we drink, and we live it up!

Here are some basic facts:

  • We order complete Party Kits in a box
  • We will consume 1.5 Billion wings. That's about 90,000,000 chicken wings. Expect PETA to have a comment.  
  • Along with wings, pizza, ribs, burgers, chips and dipping sauces, we will pop a top to wash down the salt and spices.  
  • We will over indulge in adult beverages.
  • We will grossly cheat our #1 New Year's Resolution.  
  • We will begin the cycle all over and hit the gym, call Jenny, and practice severe restrictions "tomorrow". 
Don't get me wrong, I will be right there with everyone enjoying the game and consuming all of the standard fare.  I do find amusing that Americans' number one annual resolution is to eat healthy followed by the cyclic celebration of Super Bowl's "free pass" to pure bacchanalia.

Are we really a nation obsessed with food?   By the way who's playing?  I don't know.  Please pass the dip and chips! What are your plans for Super Bowl?  And tell us what's on your menu!

Cheers, Hope

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