Feb 6, 2012

Valentines Day. Open your mind, your senses, and your wallet.

Valentines Day is upon us.  Now, I realize the choices are mind blowing from a clever card, a whispered sweet nothing, or.......maybe a gift that results in pure selfishness.  One that we give that WE adore.

I really don't want a box of chocolates after the holidays and Super Bowl gorging.  I really don't want to throw out dead flowers.  Yes, my favorites are daisies, and simple cut wild flowers.  But, I was thinking.....  What would I really want my Valentine to have?  Something that I adore and would use myself.

I wore a certain perfume for years.  Being a devotee, I pledged to make this my scent, my being, my presence.  People would wonder, what is she wearing?  
Then, while visiting an "upper end" department store several years back with my best friend, she introduced me to Creed.  When she asked if I was familiar with Creed, I replied that they were one of my favorite bands in the 1990s.  Little did I know, she wasn't talking about Scott Stapp.

As I approached the counter with her, prejudice and reluctant to try anything new, my snobbery kicked in and took me back to negative connotations of cheap scents, women who frequently changed their perfume as often as they did their linens.  But, because she was my best friend, I thought I would accommodate her.

Her favorites were obvious and she knew her way around the Creed counter.  I remember thinking, I can't afford the smallest bottle but splurged and asked for additional samples.  She offered to split it with me and before I knew it, there we were in the parking lot, hiding the atomizer like it was an illegal drug.  Thinking back now, it might as well have been.  I am addicted.  And, believe me, I am very picky.

Creed actually advertises my favorite scent as Unisex because men and women both love to wear it.  This perfume house is privately owned and has been around since 1760.  And I thought I was being a snob!!

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