Mar 29, 2012

Would you like to keep your fork?

For all Restaurateurs, servers,  and bar staff, please do not require your patrons  to re-use flatware between courses.  This is where some of you may stop reading.  While I could mention hundreds, and even thousands, of restaurants where this will not happen; surprisingly this occurs more often than you think.

The typical scenario...The server asking the customer to keep a fork between the salad and the main entree.   When serving an appetizer , an entree, or a dessert, spring for the appropriate flatware by course. Trust me, the return on investment will accelerate by offering clients the basics.

You are dining out with friends and family and the server asks, "excuse me, would you like to grab your fork?". This never fails to amaze me.

~~~Here comes the cynical humor~~~Imagine if I replied,
"I haven't given it much thought". Or, "sure, and I would like to keep the same plate throughout the various courses also". There is no risk with keeping my mouth shut.  I guess some people prefer to keep their place setting as if it were real estate. I do not want to dine with these people. The fork is mine and will remain with me throughout this venture. Do not touch my fork!   Why risk a perfectly capable fork when another could have bent tines. Safety first!

The use of the fork dates back to the Eastern Roman Empire. Social class, along with the nature of food, has determined type, placement, etc.
Picture courtesy of Wiki

Now we all know the pleasures pleasures of dining out.  After a long and arduous day of making decisions one after the other, to arrive at the restaurant and take comfort that all decisions will be made by staff begins the wonderful experience.  After that, the possibilities are endless.

Bon Appetit,


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