Jul 30, 2013

Tips For A Great Job Interview

As unemployment remains high, so does competition for that perfect job.  More and more job seekers are being escorted out of offices with, "thank you for your interest and we'll be in touch".  And, if you are seeking employment with a six figure income, be prepared to go through a grueling process of 5-6 meetings over several months.

But, how can you ensure you are asked back for that second, third, and fourth interview?  Here are a couple of tips that may seem rudimentary to some yet are practiced infrequently.

1) Be prepared.  First impressions are made within 30 seconds.  Research the company and determine if the attire is rigid corporate or creative chic.  If you have doubts about what's expected, dress up not down

2)  Be on time, be on time, be on time.  You can forget a second opportunity to explain your credentials if you are late or a no show.

2) Be flexible and watch for queues.  If preconceived notions of interviewing in the glass tower suddenly turn to grabbing a hot dog from a street vendor, show enthusiasm and "go with the flow".  Relax and take this opportunity to show off your willingness to
shoot from the hip.  If you're vegan, order anything you can, but do eat something.

3) Knowledge of the company is critical!  Do research that includes the company's history along with current status.  This cannot be stressed enough.  Obtain quarterly earnings' reports, look for most of world (MoW) expansion plans, COGS, etc. This will be key when the interviewer asks if you have any questions.  More than likely, this will put you ahead of 30-40% of your competition  prepared only to tout their strengths.

4) Ask Questions.  Since you have researched the company, ask pertinent questions about strategy, competitors, etc.    Example:  "I understand "CompanyX" is launching a new device targeted for 4th quarter.  How will you integrate product, product marketing,  sales, and social media"?  Explain how you can complement or enhance the company's success with your skills specific to their business plan.

5) As the interview comes to a close, thank them for their time, express continued interest, and ask if your discussion warrants a second interview.  This can be tricky depending on the success of the meeting.  If you believe there is a perfect fit, express it by indicating that the job should be mutually beneficial for mutual success.

6) Finally, make sure you ask for a business card, send a thank you letter that is brief yet reflects the highlights of your specific discussion.

Need additional prepping? Preparing for the Interview! A job-interview primer.   Best of Luck!