Jul 30, 2012

Onto Choices

Certain events shape our lives.  As we grow in chronological years and mature, we are the sum of self-described accomplishments, unexpected set backs, and everyday circumstances.  We rarely reflect or recognize the choices presented and how they shape our future.

This poignant topic has been discussed with my friends many times.  How is it that children of very strict parents turn out to be hellions while lackadaisical "parents" raise the likes of Bill Gates or Mother Theresa?  Or, why do children of uneducated parents and impoverished countries choose to be self sufficient scholars?

The shape of my life equals the sum of a loving family and the opportunity to make good and bad choices.   Bad is a relative term.  I'm referring to study habits, maybe a period of complacency, black Ralph Lauren paint on the walls of my library, and cute boys that said, " I do".  All of these were my choices.  Don't confuse my humor with casualties and responsibility for my actions along the way.  Overall I have been blessed and, when it comes right down to it, I realize no one is responsible for my life but me.

The first time I understood the significance of "choices" was in my high school psychology class.  Our teacher asked if we believed people were inherently good or bad.  We were introduced to humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers.  As many examples are compared to sports, we were provided an ever day example of Dr. Rogers' theory.  Enter Lou Holtz.

In this short "film-strip", Lou was able to effectively present that we are all faced with choices; from the minute we step out of bed in the morning until we rest our head back on the pillow at night.   For example:  We may choose to sleep late and rush into work frenzied, or hit the gym at 5:00 a.m.and arrive energized.  Remember the time you saw someone running for the elevator?  Did you press hold door open or close door?  Bottom line, he suggested to simply "Do the Right Thing"!!  For some reason, this simple concept made a huge impact on me.  To this day, it still does.

We are faced with choices everyday. When we wake, choose our breakfast, choose our plan for the day, choose our interactions with strangers, family, and friends we can either do the right thing or ....the opposite.
No one can choose how you live your life but you.

Be mindful of which choice you make and the path that you take today!


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