Jun 19, 2013

More on Email Etiquette

Do you use email to carry on conversations?  Do you always send pertinent information and strive to be concise? I know this topic receives a lot of press; However, here are a few [more] suggestions- short and to the point.
The Reply - Is one required?
Rather than complain, let's train.  Here is a suggestion to eliminate replies and irrelevant information.  Are you asking for information from someone in an email?  Send all email requests with one final sentence! It should read like this.........
"Thanks in advance".  When the recipient replies with the information, you do not have to follow-up with the standard "Thank you" and they have one less useless email.

The Vacationer - Give them a break.
Be cognizant and refrain from sending email to the vacationer or the patient that is out for sick-leave.  If the person that is out of the office is attached to a distribution list, reply after removing their name.  Yes, the person may be checking their Blackberry or Smartphone; however, do you really want to send them a thank you?  And for the people that truly know how to vacation without being tethered, they do not want to return to 1200+ emails.  And, yes, the worst emails they will receive read "thank you".
 The Sales Cycle - Do this in person
Nothing is more valuable than a face to face meeting with a client or cross functional teams within your own company .  Trying to manage an entire project and/or sales cycle via email is a sure way to dilute the value proposition.  I work with sales teams that continue to email proposals, follow-up via email, and suggest that the client execute a contract electronically.  Electronic copies are preferred...after you present the information face to face.  And,enterprise video, is certainly considered face to face.

The Distribution List - Very simple
Are your distribution lists up to date?  I am actually guilty of this one.  Whether you receive a reply "undeliverable" or "please remove my name from this distribution list", do not procrastinate.  Update now.

Should these suggestions and tactics be obvious, congratulations.  You're ahead of the curve.    Still, do everyone a favor and pass this along to others.  You know the ones.