Oct 17, 2016

Partying on Halloween? How To Pass the Red Face Test

Yes, here we are again.  It's such a great time of year.  Fall is in the air. Pumpkin and spice craft beer is on the shelf and tap.  And, whether venturing out to a pub, or dressing up to trick your neighbors, these simple tips will guarantee you pass the red face test on November 1.
  1. Be polite - If you plan to run from house to house or bar to bar, remember there are wide-eyed children hitting the streets at the same time. Yes, you may be in the group that enjoys this night only with a required i.d.; however, it's important to put things in perspective.  This night is for kids.  
  2. Hygiene-  Your costume may throw down some really awful odors.  Made with synthetic fibers and possibly worn by 25 before you, check yourself.  Go ahead and shower before going out. Splurge on clinical strength deodorant.
  3. Undies - No matter how tempting, don't go "commando". This is not a predictable evening.  Ripping an ill fitting costume will be more than a mishap.  
  4. Costumes and [specifically] Headpieces are to be worn by the sober.   For those consuming adult beverages, shifting masks and drinking are seriously unattractive.  The eye hole is for seeing, not drinking.  Target the mouth or select a different look
  5. No excuse for twerking. Repeat, no excuse for twerking - Skimpy or "sexy" costumes are likely to appear on Facebook.  Appropriate costumes insure no regrets. Girdle-like items should be avoided. Thick body makeup should not be required. Choose something age appropriate.  DON'T stuff a camisole with party favors or a drinking apparatus. Miley's popularity is passe' and your Grandchildren will not understand.
  6. Behavior - Always be polite to dinner patrons and bar staff.  While this can be "your" night, others are out to enjoy.  REMEMBER TO TIP FOR GOOD SERVICE.    
  7. Responsibility - Do stay close to your group and watch out for one another. Never leave adult drinks unattended.     
  8. More responsibility - If you have pets, do not let your animals eat ANY candy or treats! 
  9. Employment - Return home before sun-rise.  If a work day, a hot shower is a must.  Be liberal with mouth wash and deodorant.  Your route should not be traceable.
  10. DON'T: Drink and drive- There's really no excuse. Plan to have a designated driver in advance!
Overall, this day is wicked cool.  Celebrate and consider these tips for a wonderful and safe time.


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