Nov 30, 2012

Manners for Children at any event

Many events include children on the guest list.  If you plan to have your child attend an upcoming function, basic manners will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone.  In fact, bringing happy polite children, may bestow you with the first family on the guest list for that next "must attend event".

1.  Arriving at the event - It is appropriate to hold your child's hand when arriving.  Encourage them to smile and hold their head high, and to make eye contact.  This is especially important during introductions.  While children are prone to instant assessment and gratification, proper patience will go a long way towards future social situations.

2.  Introductions - I am often impressed when children look me directly in the eye, state their name, and tell me how pleased they are to meet me.  It's such a pleasure; however, this will not be something that can be taught a day before the event.  Practice makes perfect.  Also, this should be a pleasant experience for the child.  Recognize their efforts and tell them how mature and polite they are.  They will learn quicker and be more likely to remember the routine.

3.  At the event - The host most likely has taken measures to arrange a supervised area or activities for the children.   Encourage your child to participate and play with the other children at the event.  Even though the introductions exhibited adult like behavior, there are many reasons the adults and children separate and socialize respectively.  The result - improved social skills and independence. Create play areas with games.

4. Interacting with adults - Teach your children to speak clearly.  Basic phrases include:  "May I please", "Yes (no uh huh, head nodding)", No thank you".  Depending on country and region, there may be other ways to address adults..  For instance, it is very common in the Southern United States to use title Mr. or Miss with the adult''s first name.  Miss Linda,  Miss Hope, etc.

5. Make sure you acknowledge how polite they were.  Then, share what other guests said about their excellent behavior and, their reward will be future invitations for social events.

Have fune!

Miss Hope

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