Jun 25, 2013

Job Interview in Your Future? Common Questions

Whether your next interview is the first, or part of a series, here are a few "standard" questions to anticipate for which to prepare answers. Write down your responses and then practice, practice, practice.

Just a small sample of typical questions:
  • Tell me about your relevant or professional experience. 
  • We have interviewed numerous qualified applicants, why should we select you for this position? 
  • Provide a specific example where you were faced with a significant issue and the steps you took to address.  How did you resolve? 
  • What would you do in the first (30,60,90) days to ensure positive change, results, etc.? 
  • How (methodology, ITIL, Six Sigma) would you test, deliver and support? 
  • What questions do you have for me (the interviewer)? 
Responses should be concise, relevant to the position and answered with confidence.
Always prepare relevant questions for the interviewer.
Show interest by asking the interview the next steps to making a decision.
Do not fear being too aggressive in stating interest and enthusiasm.
Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to express your interest and for their time.

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