Nov 15, 2012

Manners and Etiquette

Most of my articles focus on everyday tips by specific topics.  For example, I have written about interview etiquette, dating etiquette, table manners, etc.  But these are mere subsets and activity based examples of  etiquette and manners.

Then, an interesting thing happened.  I began to receive questions from readers asking "what are manners?" and "what is etiquette?".  So while this article may seem rudimentary and obvious for some, I hope it is helpful and informative for others.


I prefer the the World English Dictionary definition (1)
Pronounced - et·i·quette   [et-i-kit, -ket]
1).  The customs or rules governing behaviour regarded as correct or acceptable in social or official life.
2).  A conventional but unwritten code of practice followed by members of any of certain professions or groups: medical etiquette

My personal definition - expected behavior by a social unit that can be written or unwritten and measured by acceptance or disapproval.  There are positive and negative connotations.  A positive implication will yield recognition of an individual with proper decorum and protocol either personally or professionally.  Also, one who practices etiquette will have good taste and moral standards.  There are varying degrees of practice as we move towards a more casual society; however, there is no replacement for etiquette when competing for position, jobs, schools, etc.


I prefer the World English Dictionary (2)
1).  The prevailing customs, ways of living, and habits of people, class, period, etc.; mores:
2).  Ways of behaving with reference to polite standards;social comportment: That child has good manners.
3).  A person's outward bearing; way of speaking to and treating others: She has a charming manner.
4).  Air of distinction:

Positive implications will yield recognition of an individual to be "polished" "accomplished" "aristocratic"
Negative implications are "boorish" "snooty".  Most societies place a great deal of emphasis on "good manners" and can provide one with more opportunities for career advancements, acceptance in clubs and organizations, and general likability.  One with good manners may be defined as civil and polite.    

I hope that you found this article beneficial and helpful to better understand etiquette and manners.  I would really like to hear your thoughts.  

Thank you!


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