Feb 24, 2013

What's Sexy For A First Date?

On February 21 Single Gal in Detroit emails and asks:

Dear Hope:  My friends and I can't seem to agree on dressing for a first date.  I would like to wear something sexy enough to get his attention and subtle enough to make him want to see more.  My friends insist that I should show no skin on my first date.  What do you think?

Dear Single Gal in Detroit:  While this question is asked often, and by many, IMHO here are my thoughts.

The first date is the time to get to know one another.  Getting his attention is as simple as active listening and showing interest.  Engaging conversation can be much more sexy than a short skirt or cleavage.  Never, ever, ever, show cleavage on the first date.  Button it up!

And what about you?  What are your expectations for the date.   If you would like to see him again, be kind, polite, and Very Classy!

Should you opt for the super sexy ensemble, he may want to see more; but not you.


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