Oct 25, 2013

Tattoo Now, Career Later?

Carissa's Mom writes....Hope,  Please give me some advice.  My daughter is 18 and some of her friends are getting "ink".  She has drawn numerous designs of butterflies and would like to take them to an artist.  She cannot understand why I insist this is a horrible idea and says that I am just old fashioned.

She told me that she is going to get a tattoo with, or without, my approval.  How can I convince her that this is a bad idea and her career will be limited if she does this?  I am not fond of any tattoos and have always associated  them with a lower class of trashy people.

Carissa's Mom.

Dear Carissa's Mom:  Let me say this as delicately as possible.  While I personally do not have any
 "ink", I do have friends that take pride in their designs and placements.  And, believe me, these friends are anything but low class or trashy.

The trend for tattoos has become extremely popular and considered acceptable by a large percent of the population in the U.S. and other countries.  I know people that are very conservative by most standards.  It was only until they showed up at the pool with a flower on their lower hip that their art was visible.

Career acceptance may be another thing.
For the most part, corporate institutions believe that "their" employees represent "their" culture.  If she is considering employment in a conservative culture, (finance, telephony, consulting), encourage her to speak with someone that works in this type of environment.  This may provide an unbiased view and take Mom of Carissa off of the hook.  On the other hand, if she is considering a career in the arts - cosmetology  restaurant management, design, well this is a different story.

My last piece of advice is this.  The legal age to get a tattoo without a guardian is 18.  Instead of focusing on yourself and your perceived association of class, I encourage you to be supportive.  There is a reason she continues to mention this to you.  She is seeking your approval.  Be kind, supportive, and discuss this with her.  Perhaps, you will change your mind.  If not, you may change hers.


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