Mar 29, 2013

Wrong Word!

No time for diplomacy.  Do you wish someone had pulled you aside years ago and said, "I don't think that's a word"?

Since most people will not let you know, I will. See if any of these words sound familiar. I'll start with the ones I hear most often.  These are NOT real words.  This brief article is not intended to address vernacular or urban slang.  We'll do that another time.
  • Alls - Alls I was asking for was a little help.
  • Chimley - There is a working fireplace in the house with a beautiful chimley.
  • Acrosst/Acrossed - Today, we have record temperatures  acrosst/acrossed the country.
  • Aholt- I have aholt of the pony and she is not getting away.
  • Irregardless - I will insist that this is not a word irregardless of what you report.
  • Importantly - Most importantly, I want to stress this.  ---(tricky) adverb/adjectives are acceptable
  • Bullnoser - Lucky for him, he did not have to dig the ditch manually.  He had a big bullnoser.
  • Theys - They are no longer here.  Theys left and will not be back.
And from Jodi Ambrose's Blog - I love Jodi's explanation....
*Boughten: "No one has ever “boughten” anything. Ever. Period. You either buy something or you have bought something. You have never boughten anything in your life."

If you have family or friends that use words above, perhaps you forward this short article as something you found amusing.


*Jodi Ambrose

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