Sep 23, 2013

A Random Act of Kindness...that came my way!

If you read my articles or follow me on Twitter you are familiar with the passion I possess for a more civil society, for kindness in social interactions, and how we all can promote random acts of kindness . I firmly believe we impact others with small gestures in a very complex society. Today, I am going to forego rants regarding rude people, self-serving and the "me" societies to celebrate a random act of kindness.  

It's Monday and I wake around 6:30, put myself on auto pilot and leash all three dogs for our morning ritual. But this morning is different.  I have no coffee in my house and suddenly panic.  I explain the delay to the dogs and assure them breakfast is minutes away after I return with coffee.

Traffic is steady yet I easily merge out to drive my one mile to Starbucks.  Once at the drive-through window, I order my usual Venti quad shot skinny vanilla latte' with a multigrain bagel. Waiting and inching forward I begin to day dream about the weather, my schedule, etc.  A staffer greats me at the window with a large smile on her face.  She reaches out the window
with the latte' and says, "The lady in front of you paid for your order and said for me to tell you to have a happy Monday!”  Stunned, and now awake, I ask her if she is sure.  She goes on to say, she insisted I tell you to have a happy Monday. 

The driver in front of me is now long gone.  A feeling of joy comes over me.  I pay it forward and proceed to hand the young lady $8.00 explaining it is for the tip jar and encourage her to also pay it forward.  Once again, she said, "Have a Happy Monday".

Besides knowing that we can all make a difference in someone's day with small gestures, I believe nothing is by chance or coincidence.  What goes around comes around, Karma, and paying it forward completed a full circle today!  Remember, I write about this topic most everyday.  Strange? No, invigorating.

When I arrived back home, and yes after feeding the dogs, I posted my experience on Facebook.  So far I have received 13 likes and 3 comments in just an hour and a half. One friend has committed to going to Starbucks and repeating the gesture.

You really CAN make a big difference with a small act of kindness today.  Why not.... 
  • Wait an additional 5 seconds and hold the elevator door for someone
  • Pay someone's toll (or for their coffee) in back of you
  • Donate to your favorite charity today and not because your company is asking you to, or it is Sunday, or they are asking for pledges.
  • Let someone out in traffic
  • Mow someone’s yard while they are away at work
  • Don't forget to tip for good service received
  • Tell a neighbor you appreciate them
  • If you see something that needs doing, do it
  • Volunteer for a rescue organization
  • Volunteer to read to a senior citizen
As you know, the list could go on and on. Need More Ideas?  Perhaps you have your own act of kindness in mind.  Do something nice for someone today. Oh, and HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY!  I know I will.


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